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This is at the 7-Eleven which is 2500 W. 25th St. in Sanford Florida I don't really expect associates to be kind ornice people and people are rude all the time but the extreme rudeness this female showed me is the reason I'm writing this review. I went to 7-Eleven to grab some things and when I entered this particular female her name is Haley she greeted me. I said hi back to her. When it was my time to check out there was a man checking out... Read more

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  • Nov 18
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I don't know what is going on with the Newport cigarettes, but they taste stale as *** and I will never by from 711 again. I guess I'll have to travel all the way to a tobacco shop to NOT get these generic, stale *** Newports!!!!

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Dear Sir/Madam I and my husband went to 7 Eleven store locate at Bukit Gombak MRT station on the 15 November around 12.45 am. We were surprise to see the door was locked and there were no signage. We thought maybe the staff went for toilet break and waited for about 15 mins. A malay lady after seeing us waiting, she just walked casually, did not even apologies to us. I was very furious. I ask her why never put signage indicating to... Read more

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This morning upon dropping my son off to school, I decided to stop in 7-eleven on my way back home. Normally, I receive pretty good service at this location. However, this morning I encountered one of the newer cashier's and was pretty much disregarded as a relevant customer. While trying to pay for my purchases, I was ignored when asking her for assistance with the card terminal. She proceeded to acknowledge the patron behind me before even... Read more

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Just now I bought some snacks from 7eleven at Yio Chu Kang Mrt station, a casher gave me a broken $2,a very obvious hole on it,and I said:"Sorry ,can change another one?"but he seems like so angry,took the broken money quickly and pounded the table with antoher 2$.Is that my fault so that he was angry like that?Because this is the only store on the way I go back home,so I always buy some like water, bread,snackes and so on,after this case... Read more

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I live at Aurora Senior Apartments in San Antonio, TX 78212 and the residents are buying fruit cups, salads, sandwiches, M&M, peanut butter, chocolate cookies and brownies that are outdated one, two, sometimes three days old. These items have the 7 Eleven label on all of them. I know because a senior gave me some of these items being niece to me. I was afraid to eat them because of the dates on the packages I gave them away to a Homeless... Read more

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The hispanic male staff at the 7-11 on 500 colorado glendale is not that smart and not too is anoying to go there and deal with him. He does not seem to know what is in the store and is not able to answeer questions by customers. I wish I could thre more often, but I just donot want to deal with him, and that is the neigboor hood store. Also what happen to the track phones....thre ar on sale but ther ws none... Read more

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Employee charged me twice for gas. Told me it wouldn't go through. I got charged twice. I called store, RUDEST MOST UNHELPFUL EMPLOYEE EVER answered. (Female refused to give name) Told me managers were never present at 7-11 only mon through Friday 8am-12pm. I work those hours. She said there's nothing they can do. Contact the bank. I don't have a bank, it's a Netspend card She said oh well try calling when a managers there, and hung up on... Read more

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  • Oct 19
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Don't try to go to Alameda and potomac 711 with discounts. There is one lady who won't listen to you and she yells saying there isn't a coupon or email promotion. When I showed her it, she doesn't look. There will be a sign on the door and she won't admit there is a promotion. Terrible service. I am uninstalling this app and won't be returning to 711

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7 Eleven Store Owner Does Not Honor 711 App Review
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711 complaint 10.13.16 5033 Lee Highway, Arlington, VA 22207 The Rude Owner First & foremost, I purposely asked the Owner if his Belly app was working. He said it hadn't worked in 2 or 3 weeks. I then asked about the 712 app. He said it was working. When I got up to the register & showed him the 711 app, he refused to give me the free slurpee. He attempted to charge me $2.49. The pop tarts are 99 cents, of course I balked at his demand for... Read more

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