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Simply would not give me my change like they do to all Mexican customers because I am white and from the USA....this usually happens with them "dumping off their unwanted USA coins that they don't want....the racism iin Mexico is huge...and envy goes along with it....they wanted me to take these old small useless coins as change that are NOT accepted anywhere in Mexcio...Roberto..supposively the manager flipped me off on my way out and refused to give me any other options...little does he know what I am about to do.....I am going to make sure as many people know about this discrimination and behavior...and follow up with legal resources.

Review about: 7 Eleven Manager.

Reason of review: Discrimination.

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San Diego, California, United States #920276

My guess is that your attitude came into play. Did you attempt speaking any Spanish?

You are a guest in another country. Spanish speaking people get a lot farther in the US if they at least attempt to speak some English (Common yet unofficial language in the US).

Mexicans love American cash, because of it's stability in the world market. If a business accepts foreign currency in the 'States, one should not show grattitude for this service by expecting said business to keep foreign change on hand.

to Anonymous Mountain View, California, United States #947602

30 years involved with Mexico....but it would never appear this way from my outside appearance...speak spanish fluently....and if you have about a week, I could start to tell you all of the stories I have been through where people from Tijuana have taken advantage of good example is getting full custody of my wife's daughters from their deadbeat father who abandoned them 4 years ago...went through 15 corrupt lawyers and 8 grand.....I don't mean to sound rude but you really have no idea what it is to be white in Mexico....I get taken advantage of from the top level to the girls at the gas station whom give me change in various coins (some that don't even work anymore-old pesos)...I remember back in the day, Mexican Police would pull over only the cars with US plates down by Rosarito and extract money from them for *** allegations...I probably will write a book in my retirement years of my experiences...look for it...I already decided on the title..."Viva Mexico"


Not sure why anyone would waste their vacation time and dollars on Mexico. There is a reason their people all come over the border.

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