A night shift employee DUSTIN STONECIPHER ,at the 7-11 on 23rd Street, Independence, Missouori 64052, has told me on several occasssions' he has sex with women that come into the store AFTER his night shift starts. He hooks up with them in the store and on break time they back to the dumpster area for sex.

I complained to corporate and all corporate wants to do is sweep it under the rug and they said when they questioned the manager, and he denied it. REALLY??????????????? DUHHHHHHH The store employee tells me he has sex with the women back there several times aweek.

I complained to corporate and they did NOTHING. ZERO..

Review about: 7 Eleven Manager.

Reason of review: Corporate is a JOKE.

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Did it ever occur to you that he has told you this because it appears that you are gullible. It doesn't matter if this is the truth or not, it isn't any of your business.


And this is your business -- why?

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