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Update by user Mar 24, 2011

UPDATE on March 24, 2011.

I will have to retract my opinion of \"You Suck\" for 7-11\'s Refund Policy. I sent a courteous email to their Headquarters and told them politely exactly what I thought of their \'No Refund\' Policy, and about 3 days later, I got a phone call from the Manager of the store where I\'d gotten my ExHale 02 E-Cig Starter Kit.

So I went back to the store, and he apologized for the problem I\'d had with the Starter Kit, and told me to go ahead and pick out another one!

I was very happy about that, and told them that they had restored my confidence in 7-11 again. I added that I would update any online complaints I\'d posted and so with that said, this is my update.

I kinda really, you know, missed their Slurpees anyway. I\'ve always been a big Slurpee fan - ever since 1970.

A big \"Thank You\" to 7-11!

Harold T.

Original review posted by user Feb 21, 2011

Purchased a "Exhale02" e-cig kit for $20 from Benbrook 7-11 and at first it worked great - next day the Atomizer died.

Tried to take it back the following day, to be shown this bitty little sign on the wall towards the back of the counter where it's hard to see it, and they said they offer NO refunds on e-cig kits and that it's been that way since November 2010. I purchased my kit in February 2011.

I think they should stop selling any products they don't offer at least an exchange on.

This is the kind of stuff that thieves do. I have been a loyal customer of 7-11 since 1974. Note 'have been' - meaning, in the PAST tense.

So, 7-11, you go ahead and just keep the $21,- I paid you for my kit.

You will lose FAR MORE than that in lost sales from me in the future.

I buy from other convenience stores from now on, beginning with the other day when I was going to buy some snacks from your Benbrook store, so after being told what a bunch of thieves you are, took my business elsewhere.


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Holiday, Florida, United States #942696

I have the same problem with a e cigg, but this ones called njoy starter kit, it just stopped working in 4 days. And it cost 30 dollars, how could they sell junk like that. It was a store in holiday fl, and there return policy sucks, how could they take money, or rob the people like that!


:cry :cry :cry :cry

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