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I have been in the customer service industry for over 30 years and I still am in shock by the way I was treated at this 7-eleven location. I was told by the manager that this employee would only be there for a few more weeks and that was in August 2015.

Now we are almost at the end of October. I went into the location last night and was using an emailed coupon for cigarettes that I just received VIA email. THE employee.....extremely rude says, WE DONT TAKE THAT COUPON!!

I had just got off the phone with the district manager regarding this coupon and he said that it was a valid coupon. I will NEVER EVER walk into that establishment again.

I would love to train each employee on what customer service entails.......

#1 KINDNESS, #2 Knowledgeable of product, #3 KINDNESS!! GET IT RIGHT OR GET OUT!!!

Reason of review: SCORING POOR IS A NEGATIVE 100.

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