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I was an employee with corporate 7-11 in 2015. On my second night at 5am two men with guns came in and robbed the store they threw me on the ground and had a gun pressed against my head in front of the cooler doors.

Then they dragged me up behind the counter and made me open the register so i did once it opend they pushed me back to the floor and pressed the gun to my head, they thought i could get in the safe but i told them, i cant im not the manager and they said to me..*** you better put your numbers in or i will shoot you in your head and i started crying and told them i dont have anyway to get in it and again they threatned to shoot me in the head and the one that had the gun to my head smacked me with it. They took what they wanted plus my zmax phone, which the manager linda tipton told me to keep on me at all times...that phone had priceless pictures on there. My dead mothers pictures from before she died, something i will never have again. I told my manager i wanted to be pd back for my phone and she told her boss todd he said "i will think about it" and the phone cost me over 200.00 and linda said i wont get full value.

She said its like when you but a new car and the next day you sell it you wont get what you pd for it plus the morning when i got robbed she got there and told me and the other cashier that the alarm didnt work..poor poor managment she had us cashiers like sitting ducks!! This store is now a franchise but it was corporate when i worked there from 8-2015 to 11-2015. The store 2500 central avenue kcks.

All i would like is to be pd back for my phone, but i will not ever recommend 7-11 for anyone to go to or work at corporate 7-11's. Cant believe they treat you this way!!!!

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