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For few times i when to 7eleven in mrt commenweath station..i always saw the same indian lady cashier using her handphone to talk during working time..sumore not even tel u how much we need to pay she wil just continue in talking.pls for the management do sumtin about this..is that allow using handphone dyring working hours

??to me its very rude that u nvr communicate with ur customer..

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Today, like a few times before,at i went to the 7 Eleven #464 /20 Tampines Central 1#01-02 Store at 12:32:24 pm to pay for my bill ,which was purchased from Q10. There were a Staff, man,in his uniform but without his name tag, therefore i didn't know what's his name.

So far, this already at least 5 or 6th time, i used my fone with the bar code accordingly from the bill, to made the payments. Except for the first of payment, i was experienced with the very patiently attitude, even though it is wasn't smoothly,as she's kept trying & trying quite a few times till the scanner could get through, without any complain or annoying attitude.

But, things are totally changed with this man since my last 3rd or 4th time untill now.His attitude was very bad as obviously shows out his unpleasant & impatient whenever i come to make the payment if the scan can't make it right away, even though if compare to last time it is already easy a lot. So, through this feedback, hopefully can see the improvement not only at this location but as well as the others.Thanks

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