On 15 March 2011, I went to the 7/11 in Dundalk Md for coffee. When I stepped up to the counter I asked the clerk for an extra large coffee with two sugars and one cream.

He pointed and said, "Coffee is other there." I asked him to make me a coffee, and again he pointed and said, "Coffee is over there, it is self serve." I told him that since I asked him he needs to do it and he said, "You can think that all you want so I guess you wont get coffee. You want coffee you know where it is." I then demanded he make me a cup of coffee and I stressed it isn't that hard and he was doing nothing. At this point he became angry and said, "You have two options. GO pour yourself some coffee, pay for it and leave, or, I will call Baltimore County police and you will be on the six o clock news as an overprivileged, white collar wack job that got arrested for being a cry baby." At this point a was embarrassed and angry and left the store.

How hard is it to poor a cup of coffee for someone.

I do understand it is self serve, but customer service is top priority and if he valued me as a customer, he would have poored me a cup of coffee. Your bug gulps and hot dogs are garbage anyway, I'm never coming back.

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Austin, Texas, United States #1240324

Why didn't you just pour yourself some coffee? This person hates life, working at 7-11...I mean, it's not exactly glamorous, well-paid, or something that *anyone* would be happy about doing...They should have been friendlier, though, in the interest of professionalism.

But, it's 7-11. Are you retarded? It's not a *** restaurant. It's a gas station!

Who, being of sound and logical mind, would ever think to all a gas station employee to make their coffee???

That is unforgivablely lazy.

Fremont, California, United States #912404


Baltimore, Maryland, United States #865951

7/11 100 w. Lexington st Baltimore MD


Phone: 410 9620309

On Thursday September the 4th at around 9:15 pm I was going home after a long day of work and I knew I had to study few hours before I immerse myself into my bed.

So I decide to buy small cup of tea from the above mentioned 7/11. I put tea bag in a cup and decided to pour some hot water on top of the tea bag but the only hot water fountain I can see was one that is little closer to the cashier's customer service area. I went to the hot water fountain and started pouring the hot water into my cup but a young African American lady rush to me and push me off the fountain grabbing my belly and my back. I did not argue with her I dropped the cup with the tea bag and some hot water in it the trash pin and walked out of the store.

Guess what they told me that young woman and another African American female coworker take your money to some where else and that is what I did rather than confrontation. I do not think these people at the above store are professional workers


Whoever wrote this was an *** because 7 eleven doesn't work for you. I work at 7 eleven and I know that we aren't your maids/servants. You do everything yourself so that you know exactly what you got.

Buffalo, New York, United States #684072

Wow. I could care less if the employee was busy or watching a *** on the job.

It is 7-11.

Pour your own worthless dirty brown water. I know next you going to go the the bathroom there and ask him to wipe your ***.

Manhattan, New York, United States #641639

You apparently have no brains or common sense. Yes customer service is priority one but it's highly inappropriate for u to try to "demand" someone to make YOUR coffee.

U have to understand that we have to protect ourselves first. I had a employee help a customer with putting air in their tire...they had a blow out later that day and tried to sue them. That's not our job so why would u expect us to be pros? Unfortunately we live in a sick screwed up world & a lot of ppl are very shady.

As a company we have to avoid those situations & people. Use ur head.

Ur prob just some cranky old person thinkin we owe u somethin. Customers are not always right whom ever made that statement must have been a ignorant person trying to degrade others.


Go to Starbucks if you want someone to serve you loser.


you are an ***

Kirbyville, Texas, United States #432644

You are not valued as a customer because you are a bully and *** who likes to push his weight around. Trust me he would be glad not to see your face in there again.

Grow up and poor your own coffee. One cup is not going to put them out of business.

Kirbyville, Texas, United States #432643

Do you not speak English. Self serve means that you have to make the coffee yourself which you are too lazy to do.

Also at your age you should not be drinking coffee, most likely you are only seven years old with your attitude. You are an adult who behaved like a seven year old. You deserve the embarrassment. You gave him attitude.

How hard is it for you an "adult" to poor your own cup. I am sure you won't be missed. Maybe when you grow up and realize that you are wrong you will know be returning but with your stupidity and temper I doubt that will happen anytime soon if at all. You are the one who was rude by being demanding.

Or maybe you are angry that you could not steal anything. Maybe while he was serving coffee one of your third or fourth grade classmates would be stealing since he is concerntrated on making your coffee.

Malla Most likely that was the case. Most likely the OP is angry that he could not have his friend rob the place while he distracted the clerk with making his coffee.


well i gave a 7-11 employee my list and told him to fetch it brain dead


This is not about customer service, this is all about you feeling a deep down jealousy or fear of people who are disabled. Have you considered pretending to be retarded to get that rush from being pampered.

Try it in a Mcdonnalds. People will still respect you and you will get all the attention you need.


This guys is a lazy ***, Poor your on Coffe!!!!


mam\sir, I would be honored to pour your coffee for you. After all, mornings can be rough. I find it rather insensitive of you to make fun of our disabled customers who deserve and require such assistance.


I work at a 7-eleven and I have never encountered someone who doesn't understand what self serve means. We are by no mans required to pour you your coffee.

Maybe you would have gotten farther if you hadnt "insisted" or "demanded". If making a cup of coffee isnt that hard why couldn't you manage to make it for yourself?

Seems to me the lazy and rude one was you. Can't cure ignorance, I guess.


First of all it "Pour" not poor learn how to spell!


LOL, I love 7-11! And kudos to this employee, for crying out loud everybody knows it is self serve and better to serve yourself anyhow because you know that you will get it right!

You are an ***! LMAO! You made me laugh for the day and I can't wait to tell my two favorite 7-11 workers!

So they can laugh too!

Besides, if I worked at 7-11 and a customer wanted me to leave my cash register just to pour a cup of coffee, I'd be afraid he was up to something.....like robbing me or some other weird thing. I love 7-11!


Self serve means self serve. You do it yourself.


I wish I could have been there to clap when the employee basically told you to go f*** yourself. 7-11 is not Starbucks where they make the coffee for you.

This just proves that being white-collar doesn't always guarantee brains above that collar. Too bad the blue-collars and the lower life forms are the real people making this country run.

Btw, it doesn't help that you also stopped at 7-11 in DUNDALK! Those blue-collars and low class employees will tell you were you can shove your self-righteous ***!


I suppose you misunderstood the notion of self serve. Well let me explain. Self serve means you pour your own coffee. Not the clerk, not another shopper, you.

The clerk cannot leave his post unattended. Ever. This would result in a pile of smokes and money behind a vacant counter for all to pilfer. If it was the policy of 7-Eleven to have the clerk prepare your coffee it would be located behind the counter.

I am sure by the way you carried on the good people at 7-Eleven will be nothing but elated that you are never returning.

As for you calling them Lazy and Rude, well - since the notion of self serve is lost on you I don't know if the idea of irony will register. However, I enjoy the irony of you calling them lazy and rude.

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