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I purchased a prepaid phone card. the manager swiped the card for me herself.

the card was no good and they would. not refund my money. i was told i would have to go to corporate . what happened to management .

monkton .maryland 7-11 needs training for the so called exp. managers

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This just happened to me!!! He scratched the card and later denied it.

I have debilitating PTSD and Epilepsy with grand mal seizures induced from stress. I am out $55.75 and its his word against mine. I have a receipt and mobile instructed me to go back and have him call. I went back to 7-11 and he called me names I not once raised my voice I simply said sir you made a common error and just need to contact mobile to rectify.

I ....I...feel like I'm in a nightmare! My income is under $200 my rent is $150(friend is nice to me) my phone is $55. Too top it off this was my birthday money I spent so I could catch up.

I just have one ?? Did they ever pay you?

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