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I visited 7-11 at Compass Point today. I got my stuffs and went to pay.

I passed the cashier a mickey and minnie card

( 7-11promotion) with the payment. The cashier directly helped me proceed payment for the figurine which i did not even said i wanted it. I politely and softly said i did not purchase this. His first sentence was so rude to me.

He shouted to me THEN YOU GIVE ME THIS FOR WHAT ?! I explained that i thought i would just get the sticker for the card. He didnt want reason out and just continue blaming me for just giving him the card like this and didnt say anything. He could have confirmed my items or talked to me nicely but he didnt.

He just screamed and shout scolding me. He said he already proceeded my payment and it was impossible for a refund. He just forced me to buy and continue to scold loudly. The auntie beside just supported him and encourage me to just leave.

I was pretty angry but i didnt say anything else and just took the item and stand aside waiting for my friend. When my friend was making payment, we both stared at each other. I almost cried. I didnt even say a single word and just look over.

Yet he started shouting at me WHAT! WHAT THE *** DO YOU WANT! YOU WANT REFUND IS IT? FINE!

YOU RETURN ME THE *** ITEM AND I WILL GIVE YOU YOUR *** REFUND! He throwed to me all the money and i just silently left. I was already crying. I could do nothing.

All i could hardly speak out was that his attitude is really bad. And i said that to my friends. I didnt even offend him. My friend was too angry because I am totally not that type to cry.

This was the first time i cried in the year. She felt unfair for me. Furthermore, he acted like nothing had happen and continue doing his own stuffs. He didnt even felt abit guilty.

My friend walked in and said Hey, If you dont want to apologise then dont apologise. Why did you make my friend cry? He shouted back saying since when did i make her cry? I didnt even do anything.

He said that it was all my fault and continue acted like nothing had happen. The auntie said that girls cry easier and I should not make a big fuss out of it. I should pity the guy. The auntie even keep apologising for him.

She is not even the one at fault. Although he is a youngster and he is just working there, that dosent mean he have the right to just scream and shout and lecture me. Especially when he is at fault.

7-11 @ Compass Point , Singapore should take actions for this matter. Getting served by such person is a really depressing matter.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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