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On 31st August 2016 at around 2215hrs,

There is this staff named TAN LEE CHEN working at VISTA POINT 7eleven busy mopping the floor. I was just siting down on the available chair waiting for my husband to heat up his 7eleven, she asked me to stand up because it's blocking her way. She was about to hit me over the chair with her butt facing me. She shouted at me and my husband saying "SO WHAT IF YOU'RE THE CUSTOMER?!" One of her colleague told us that she is stress working.

I don't find it resonable for a worker to be mad at her customer just because she is tired. And is 7eleven staff even has any customer service certification? Is she even customer orientated?

I really hope for a reply from the manager or boss. I would appreciate if you could review this complaint and watch the cctv on the day of incident. Furthermore, she didn't even display the "wet floor" sign. What if an elderly walk in and sliped?

Hope to hear from you soon.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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