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On St. Patrick's Day 2015 7-Eleven (202 North I St.

Tacoma, 253-627-0409) refused service to Buckwheat Catapillar, an Irish Clown. Though Buckwheat had been in the store several minutes before bringing merchandise to the counter for purchase, Jann the cashier exclaimed, "No Make Up !". There was no explanation of policy. No sign.

Nothing. Just "No Make up!" repeated. Buckwheat explained. "It's St.

Patrick's Day you *** !" Jan repeated. "No Make up !" Buckwheat said, "Yer serious ?

I can't buy my lozenges and a Large Coke for my handicapped roommate ? Why didn't you say something when I came into the store ?" "No Make up !" "Is that all you can say ?" "No Make up !"

This reviewer shared experience about poor customer service and wants this business to "allow irish clowns to shop 7-eleven. explain to jann why he is a moron" as the author lost $5. BuckwheatCatapillar is overall dissatisfied with 7 Eleven and uploaded picture s. The most disappointing about 7 eleven cashier at 7 Eleven was jann the moronic cashier Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Laurel, Maryland, United States #968198

I just listened to excerpts from your latest Anxiety cd. Throw out the clown make-up, you don't need it because you are quite talented in music.

Hustontown, Pennsylvania, United States #967950

Thank you for bringing light the disrespect and abusive way of treating customers by a major chain. Have you considered tort action against them? Anyways keep up the insanity, as we need people like you to keep us all sane.


Way to go for the sympathy vote with the handicap roommate. Too bad you ruined it by using profanity and name calling.

Good thing he didn't try to go to the bank like that, he would have just been tackled instead of told no makeup.

to Anonymous Sunnyvale, California, United States #967945

Shut up.

to Buckwheat #989134

Oh, gee whiz, you sure told me...

Maryland City, Maryland, United States #967622

The worst clown in the whole world!!!!!!!

Killeen, Texas, United States #967365

Hey Buckwheat, how many shots of whiskey did you down before you acted like a fool at 711? Also, you look like an evil clown, the type that would be portrayed in a Stephen King movie. Sober up buddy, and get a real life!

to Anonymous Port Orchard, Washington, United States #967370

Is that what you do in Texas?

Evil Irish clowns are thirsty people too

to Nicodemus Killeen, Texas, United States #967374

Don't mess with Texas! Thirsty is one thing, stinking drunk is another.


Safety 1$t

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