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they tresspassed bruce haynes for life from 711 on centeral ave and willis in kent washington for nothing hes been volentering there for 6 years hes been shot at almost stabbed and been there for people when they needed help with there cars keeping the peace and has put 9 people that had felanys from murder to child predaters behind bars and was still there hes a big help in our community now all has gone to *** since hes been gone we want him back im not spending any more money at any 711 and im going to tell all my friends what had happend and there not spending any money at anu 711 from now on hes been the only one person thats homless and has been the most helpful person that 711 has ever had volenter he needs to be given a certificate of bravery and one for the most helpful person hes been truthful and a wonderful person to the whole community BRING HIM BACK TAKE THE NO TRESSPASS OFF AND LET HIM GO BACK OR WE WILL NOT SPEND ANY THING WITH ANY 711 EVER AGAIN I comr out of my way20 miles just to see him and spend money at the 511 central ave store now i cant do that cause we dont even want to go there because hes not there anymore for no reason hes the best and most frendlist person out there that expects nothing but to make people smile BRING HIM BACK

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