your store at 1300 east 3rd south, has a HUGE banner stating 2 1/4 big bites for 3.00, yet NEVER has had more then one, when asked if i could get another to microwave it, I was told NO. normally not a big DEAL but I am A STARVING STUDENT, and on foot, so its a big deal to me,this is not the first second or tenth time this has happened since ya offered the deal to the public, I have said many times to those working that they need to provide what they offer, or don't offer it at all, but this time all the guy behind the counter did was laugh at me, I don't know if this was simply uncaring to fix the problem, or I think just the inability to understand English that location is close to my home and I spend at least $10.00 A day there, so add it up since I will be taking my business to another company now.

Product or Service Mentioned: 7 Eleven Deal.

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I remember back when I was growing up, I used to love it when the 7-Eleven down the street from us would have a deal where you could get 3 hotdogs for a dollar. They had toppings that you could dish out as much as you wanted and I used to always put a whole lotta jalapenos on my hot dogs.

I would get $1 lunch money for school every day, but alot of times I would wait until I was on my way home from school and get my three for a dollar 7-Eleven hot Dogs with lots and lots of Jalapenos on them. It seemed like it was a really good deal, and I loved getting them.

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IF you are a starving student, how can you afford to spend $10.00 a day in a convenience store? Your money would go further eating at home.

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