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I filed a disbute back in August 2018 and i was told i would receive a check in 5-7 Days and i never recived the check i called today and there tellin me i wont be getting a check and my card was stolen and used by ppl that knew all my information i am very *** i would not use this card

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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That's one of the common ways that they put you off. They lie and say that the check is in the mail and then they say that you need to take it up with the post office because that's who lost your mail, when actually they have never sent you anything in the first place.

Just like when racist landlords lie and say 'It's already been rented" when actually they doin't have the guts to admit that they don't want to rent it because the person is black. They're too scared of getting and trouble and being sued, so they simply say that it has already been rented.

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