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When i reach the counter, I asked the aunty politely if they have enough for a cash back. She bluntly ignored me.

So I asked her the same question again and still no respond from her. So I angrily told her that I want a cash back. She then responded in a rude manner. She asked me rudely what I want.

For godsake I told her again that I want a cash back. Without looking at me, she told me that this is not a bank. As I got agitated, I told her that we can do cash back in any 7eleven in Singapore. She then told me we need to buy something.

Ofcourse I know the procedure. So I took a random sweet and put it infront of her. She got unhappy and shouted that I'm looking for trouble. She told me to get out of her store when the store does not belong to her.

She even took her phone to threaten me. I told her that if she wants to call police, then lets call them together since she is the rude one and that the strore have camera and I'm not afraid of her. She then did my transaction. She even shouted to the next customer that i'm finding trouble.

Seriously? What kind of cashier did you hire??

Review about: 7 Eleven Cashier.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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so you got angry with her first for not hearing you and you're surprised she became angry/rude in response? jeez people these days have no clue as to how to act that even when they admit they were angry/rude first they must expect people to cow down to them.

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Just be glad she did not call the police. If she did your parents would be charged with neglect for letting you shop alone.

I have a felling other people were in front of you which is why you were ignored. Too bad she did not call the police on you, the penalty in Singapore is really strict and they would have put you in your place.

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