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Indian casheir yell at me this morning sept.20 @ 8am.why most of all cashier @ 7/11 are very rude. Pls educate your staff.

Product or Service Mentioned: 7 Eleven Cashier.

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Why do you find it necessary to mention that he is of Indian Descent. Wouldn't you have been just as angry if it had been a white person yelling at you?

I remember one time I went into a 7-Eleven and was reaching back to get one of the drinks that had a later expiration date on it. The Indian Employee became enraged and started yelling at me saying "What The Hail Are You Doing?" He was really pissed off, so I just grabbed one and bought it.

I never had any employee of 7-Eleven act that way before. i don't chalk it up to him being Indian, I just chalk it up to him an individual human acting that way.

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