Im not spending money at the 711 on 511 central avenue and telling all to not go there because the on that has helped the community out the most has been 86ed from there for life for no reason at all he has helped out there for 6 years and when they got new owners they had the cops tresspass him for no reason and he has kept the place from all the drug addicts and the people safe there he's been exactly what we need in our community and has helped us out by keeping people from stealing from our neighborhood and if it wasn't for him 4 people that had killed two people would have gotten away he has been there on the front lines and is a witness to crime that has happened there and in our community that wouldn't have been able to been solved if it wasn't for Bruce Haynes he's the one that has been a long time customer there and a wonderful help and you guys go and tresspass him for no reason so I'm going to have all people I know and have them tell there friends to stay AWAY FROM ALL 711s BECAUSE YOU GUYS R WRONG FOR THIS AND HE NEEDS TO BE GIVEN A CERTIFICATE FOR HIS BRAVERY HES BEEN ALMOST KILLED 6 TIMES AT 711 FOR KEEPING THE PEACE there he's a brave person and needs to been a person who is recognized as a person of dedication a person or bravery by helping out for no cost and he's been a good person to talk to he's a grate engineniner and his motorcycle bring slot of people to the 711 on Willis and central I go out of my way to just see him and his dog and you guys do the wrong thing everyone's guns be ashamed of your store and I'm not haven that

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