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The manager or 7 eleven on north university in coral springs fl by the name of Jennifer wrongly accused my 10 yr of stealing because he was coming back to get change because he didn't have enough money , she beat on the Window may him come in and told him if he do it again she will banned him from the store but he didn't steal anything at all another customer in the store grabbed my son by the arm and said don't you hear her talking to .... my son came back in tears hurt and embarrassed I went back to store and I recorded the conversation all we wante S's was an apology and all she can say is she has the right they went back with an adult and she assumed they were alone because they were with a white friend of mines she came out the store and embarrassed them again saying you not suppose to be over here without you parents , several kids go in the store daily without parents why bother mines? I contacted corporate still haven't heard any r hung from them ..I recorded the conversation I have video trying to upload it

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Auburn, Massachusetts, United States #824390

you should really learn to converse properly before complaining. it'll help make more sense of your argument.

you say she accused him of stealing because he came back to get change? perhaps he had the item on him and went to leave. i've seen that happen many times. perhaps if that's what happened he should have put the item on the counter and said he'd be right back with the rest of what he'd owe.

as for the other person they should not have put their hands on your child.

if that had really happened you'd have been suing and rightfully so. you could have easily involved 7-11 in the lawsuit to get them to give up the video of the perp but i highly doubt much of what you say even happened.

to notgivingit Naples, Florida, United States #845380

I notice that you are correcting her grammar when your own post is ripe with errors. Go back and read your own mistakes before you point out someone else's.

Salt Lake City, Utah, United States #824386

What language are you using? What are "mines"?

Do you have explosives or do you have multiple clones of yourself?

I copied what you wrote into Babelfish and it crashed the site! Can someone recommend an online translator that works with ghetto talk?

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